Our clinic participates regularly in the research and development of hearing aids, and we are often chosen by hearing aid manufacturers as a research site for the newest in hearing aid technology. We work closely with a number of hearing aid manufacturers and often perform comparative studies on the effectiveness of these hearing aids. Our audiologists have published more than 40 articles in hearing journals.

We were fortunate to be one of the first clinics in the nation to work with digital hearing aids in the early ’90s. We have been involved with alpha and beta testing of new digital daily wear hearing devices. We pride ourselves in working with all the major hearing aid manufacturers and keeping up to date with all the latest in technologies.

Services Include

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations by licensed audiologists
  • The leading provider of the Phonak Lyric® devices
  • State-of-the-art digital hearing devices; many styles, sizes and manufacturers available
  • FM systems and assistive listening devices (ALDs)

  • Tinnitus treatments
  • Cochlear Implants/BAHA programming and follow up
  • Custom molds and noise protection
  • In-house hearing aid services, repairs, batteries and miscellaneous supplies

Lyric Premier Elite Provider

We are proud to have been one of the first offices in the U.S. to start fitting Lyric®, the world’s first and only deep insertion extended-wear hearing device originally developed by Insound Medical but is now part of the Phonak line. CSG Better Hearing Center is designated by Phonak as a “Premier Elite Provider” for Lyric®. Being one of the first Lyric® providers has placed us in a unique position of being an integral part of the development of this revolutionary breakthrough device. With our expertise and experience as a leading Lyric® provider, we have developed specialized fitting techniques, and we are actively involved in training new Lyric® providers in the US and around the world.