We so appreciate our patients' feedback and encouraging words!

Feel free to click below if you would like to share your experience with others who are seeking the best in hearing health care for themselves or love ones! Thank you!

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We so appreciate our patients' feedback and encouraging words!

Feel free to click below if you would like to share your experience with others who are seeking the best in hearing health care for themselves or love ones! Thank you!

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What our patients have said about us:


If you have hearing challenges, go here! I travel 130 miles round trip and tolls to go here and have been doing it for the last seven years. They are outstanding in customer service and keep up-to-date on the latest in hearing technology. They are familiar with a wide variety of hearing aid brands and styles. They even send out a regular newsletter that often has tips for family members dealing with hearing issues. Besides being super knowledgeable, they are extremely patient in trying to find the best solution for your situation, and one that you are comfortable with! Because, after all, if you are not comfortable with the devices, you won’t use them. I think their name describes their mission well – because they truly care about your goal of "Better Hearing".

Patricia O’Connor

Grateful for everyone at BHC getting me through a difficult condition. Fran and Kristy always welcoming and helpful. Jane, a superb audiologist, excels in professionalism, expertise, compassion and patience. I value her explanations about the intricacies and complexities of my hearing disorder. I appreciate and highly recommend BHC for your hearing care.


BHC has always been top notch for me starting with Fran and Christy and then Tamara and Jane. I recommend them very highly!


Better Hearing Center is changing my life. I am newly diagnosed with a hearing loss at the age of 75, and the patience and caring and technical skills of Tamara and the office staff has been outstanding. I can't imagine going through this without them.

Bernie W.

I am very pleased with the care I have gotten from Jane in the Walnut Creek office. I first got a hearing aid from her over 6 years ago. Recently I have been working with her over the last month to get newer hearing aids. She first let me try the Whisper system. When I wasn't totally satisfied with that hearing aid she fitted me with the Phonak hearing aids. I was very happy with the patient and complete exam she gave me and all the instructions on how to use the new hearing aids. I recommend her very highly. She also gave me a 10% discount which I only noticed when I got home. That was something I didn't even ask for but was a kind bonus.

Michael Ayres

Great service, professional, friendly. Highly recommended.

Tom G.

For many years I have relied on the staff at Better Hearing Center to provide the very best in hearing aid technology and support services. I am happy to recommend CSG for their excellence in making sure you have the best hearing aids to fit your needs.

Robert and Diane Miller

We were looking for hearing aids that fit inside the ear, and didn’t need batteries or charging every day. We went to five different companies. We were told that product didn’t exist. A neighbor told us about Better Hearing and Lyric. We have been using Lyrics for over seven months, and are very, very satisfied with the product, and the fantastic service provided by Better Hearing. All the people there are very friendly, very professional, and very eager to satisfy our needs. I could sell Lyrics to every person in Rossmoor.


I am an investor and watch CNBC every morning. This morning I can hear much better with the hearing aid. I want to share with the public that your technician did a good job in my hearing aid to help me to hear better.

Sandra H.

I always feel confident I will get excellent care at CSG Better Hearing. I have been going to them since 1991 and will always continue to do so. Many , many thanks!!


I write to thank the CSG Better Hearing Center and especially their staff at the Walnut Creek Center for their excellent service in diagnosing and treating my hearing loss.

I am entering my third year with the Silicon Valley developed Lyric Hearing Aid and my hearing has never been better. The Walnut Creek staff, and especially Dr. Tamara have been incredible! They are all very concerned about my safety, while keeping me updated with the latest from this top-of-the-line company.

Mask use and physical distancing are continually practiced, and visits are scheduled so you don't wait when your appointment time arrives.


The amplifier wire broke on one of my Phonak hearing aids. With things being as upended as they are these days, I was afraid I might be without it for several days at least, much longer if it needed to go back to the factory. Well, a phone call the next morning and I was invited to bring it in promptly for examination. Two hours later, it was ready! Reasonably priced, too, and with a warranty. It’s just one more reason I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Special thanks to Jane for making the time for the last-minute repair!

Ron K.

Service doesn't get any better than this. The Better Hearing Center is staffed with only the best in the business, and they are always super accommodating.


I continue to love my hearing aids and deeply appreciate your excellent, professional and outstanding service. Have recommended you to many of my friends. Keep up the great work. A very happy and
satisfied customer.

Thank you

Laura H.

I think you do a fabulous job, you are friendly, and I greatly appreciate Tamara’s patience with me as I have had numerous personal challenges with Phonak Lyric in-the-ear devices. But I love them and it is worth my six hour drive! You all are very attentive to my needs and I appreciate it.

J. T.

I started addressing my hearing problems with CSG Better Hearing Services several years ago, and I’m very glad I did! I’ve always gotten careful attention from both Tamara Anderson and Jane Warford, including as many office visits as necessary to keep my hearing as great as it possibly can be. They have paid special attention to my needs as a performing musician and music producer, and, in general, have gone the extra mile to help me feel secure. At every visit, Jane has been filling me in on recent advances in technology from several manufacturers that could influence how I upgrade to a new generation of hearing aids in the next couple of years. I can’t recommend CSG enough!

John Rainier

My first experience with Better Hearing Services showed me that I was valued as a client: with almost no effort they moved my appointment to a better time, and even called me to offer an earlier time (which worked even better). The staff were very helpful, and the audiologist was efficient and thorough. She guided me through the process of deciding whether to purchase a hearing aid, and then which one would work best. I felt that all of my questions were answered fully, and look forward to continuing to work with Better Hearing Services as I adjust to hearing well again.

S. F., Walnut Creek

I started wearing the Lyric hearing aids about three years ago and could not live without them. I see Tamara for Lyric fittings and adjustments. She is excellent and very caring. The office staff is friendly and will go over and above to fit me in for appointments even at the last minute. I am a long time hearing aid user and this practice is by far the best I’ve ever been to.

R.C., Mountain View

I am very happy with the services I received from Rex and Sandy at the Better Hearing Center, at the Mountain View location. I would give them 6 stars.

Anne Spanier, Walnut Creek

I am a patient at the Better Hearing Services in Walnut Creek. I have been a patient there for more than 5 years. I cannot say enough good things about them. Their office staff is kind and efficient and are a pleasure to work with. Their audiologists are competent and professional. I will recommend them without reservation.

Sydney Brush, Berkeley, CA

I always have a good experience at Better Hearing Center in either Bekeley or Walnut Creek .

Letta is my go to person and she is always cheery and works hard to get things right. It is easy to make an appointment and Carrie will get back with a schedule when you want to come in.

Thank you everyone at Better Hearing I appreciate you and can't thank you enough for taking so much time to make things go right.

C. D., Walnut Creek, CA

My visit this week was the usual pleasant experience similar to the previous visits over the last few months.

Your staff is extremely professional and dedicated to helping the patient to select the best device for their needs

Ann Swinehart

I am 93 years old and am grateful for Dr. Lee's excellent quality product and sweet willingness to help when needed. A. S.

Rob S., Walnut Creek, Patient Since (2008)

I love the ReSound Quattros. Amazing step forward in technology. I can hear better in every environment. Game changing! (has worn hearing aids for ten years)

Judy Lang, Walnut Creek

I bought the ReSound LiNX Quattro a week ago from Better Hearing Center. These are probably my eighth pair of hearing aids, so I have great expectations. My last pair of hearing aids was the ReSound model that connected to my phone. That was exciting! I believe the LiNX Quattro are the most advanced hearing aids on the market — although I am just learning how to use them, I'm excited about what I’m learning. I am still hard of hearing, but improvements are being made, so that I can hear and understand around a few people or a crowd. I have confidence in the Better Hearing Center, and always recommend them to others looking for hearing aids.

Daughter of Lyric Wearer Since 2014

"My mom lives in an assisted living facility and she has dementia. The best part about Lyric is that she can’t remove it from her ear and lose it. It’s invisible and she can’t feel it, so she doesn’t think it’s there and doesn’t try to remove it. With other devices she wore previously, she would take them out and we’d look everywhere for them. She also hears better with Lyric than with other devices she’s worn in the past. The battery issue with traditional hearing aids was also a huge deal and hassle due to dexterity issues."

Wife of Lyric Wearer Since 2008

"My husband has tried many hearing devices over the years, and Lyric is the only one that really works for his specific hearing issues. Because of his health issues, it is especially beneficial that he can interact with his doctors in his many appointments. My life is so much better because my husband can hear. Lyric has improved so much over the years he has worn it, so I would advise those who may have tried it unsuccessfully in the past to try it again."

Lyric Wearer Since 2010

"I don’t have to work so hard to follow conversations, which makes life less stressful. I do not suffer from depression, as so many who have hearing loss do. I am happier."


"Better Hearing Center has changed my life; when diagnosed with a hearing loss, I was taken by surprise and it was hard to adjust until with Better Hearing Center's help, I received my incredible Lyric hearing aids which are invisible and can stay in place for up to 3 mos. Tamara, the Lyric specialist, and the office staff have been kind, patient, and great to work with."

Lyric Wearer Since 2011

"Lyric is convenient. No hassles with batteries. Now that my wife and I both wear Lyric, the TV doesn’t have to be so loud. I can’t feel it in my ear, so I don’t think about it. Tamara Anderson makes Lyric work for me, and the care and service she provides is superb."

Lyric Wearer Since 2008

"Lyric allows me to work and do all the active activities that I like. It has changed my whole life. The first thing that struck me was that I could hear like I did when I was a child. Before Lyric was available, I didn’t get a hearing aid because I didn’t want anyone to know that I wore one. I love the fact that no one knows that I am wearing it. I don’t have to worry about batteries. I don’t have to worry about losing it or the expense of replacing a lost hearing aid. I teach at a university and I can her all my students when they talk to me."

Lyric Wearer Since 2009

"Lyric has changed my life because I can hear! I like Lyrics because I don’t have to take them in and out each day. After years of experiencing great hearing with Lyrics, I brought my 98 year old mom in to be fit. With both of us wearing Lyrics, we are enjoy our conversations and time together so much more. It’s great because she has arthritis and doesn’t have to fuss with batteries. We love the great service we get at the CSG Better Hearing Center."

Lyric Wearer Since 2016

"Convenience is amazing. It’s invisible. You can control the volume. It’s easy and doesn’t make me feel old. It took me about two months to adjust to hearing every sound. There were so many sounds I had not heard in years. My tinnitus (ringing in the ears) went away since I started wearing Lyric. I realize now how hard I was working to try to follow conversations before I had my Lyrics. It was exhausting, and I began to withdraw from conversations. Now social interactions are easy."

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