Good hearing healthcare is based on a partnership between you and us. Our job is to work with you to make sure you’re hearing as well as possible. We can’t cure your hearing loss, but we can evaluate your hearing, talk with you about the many kinds of help available, and work with you and your family to minimize your hearing difficulties.

As your partner, we want to know as much as possible about your hearing. That includes your ability to understand words, your sensitivity to loud sounds, and how much you’re affected by background noise. We also want to know about your particular hearing needs, such as hearing in groups, while watching television, or on the telephone.

Once some decisions are made about such things as hearing aids or other assistive devices, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits and that you’re hearing as well as possible.

What’s your role?

The other partner-the more important partner-is you. Just as a professional fitness trainer can’t do the exercise for you, we can’t do the hearing healthcare for you. You have to decide how well you want to hear. You have to decide how much effort you want to devote to hearing as well as possible. You have to decide if your hearing is worth regular check-ups and regular use of the best available hearing aids.

For example, hearing aids are available in many different sizes, styles, levels of technology and at many different price levels. We can tell you the pros and cons of each, but you have to decide which hearing aids you want.

From your hearing healthcare partner

We have seen exciting progress in hearing care technology in the past few years. With the kind of help available today, and through good teamwork, a person with hearing loss can do surprisingly well, even though his or her hearing loss isn’t actually cured. We hope our hearing healthcare partnership is working well for you.