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Lyric® Testimonial

Dr. Robert Pike tells his story about how Lyric® has changed his life. Dr. Pike is a Lyric® patient in our Walnut Creek office, CSG Better Hearing Center.

What to do to Combat Hearing Loss

The Lyric® was featured on the hit TV show “The Dr. Oz Show.” Watch the episode here and see how the Lyric® has given natural hearing back to a young woman and replaced her old external hearing devices.

Lyric® Featured on Good Morning America

The Lyric® has been featured on the popular morning news show “Good Morning America.” Watch the episode here and see how the Lyric® has enabled this woman to finally experience the benefits of better hearing with this completely invisible hearing device.

Discovering more performance in a smaller size with Phonak Virto V

Audibly big, visibly small. Audiology Online talks with real users of the Phonak Virto V custom hearing aid about how the technology has changed their lives.

Watch this incredible story: Retune hearing for music lovers

James Johnson is a professional piano tuner who gained back the joy of his job and his personal life because of his new hearing aids. Dr. Gnewikow saw opportunity to help his customer with the enhanced music program of the Phonak Venture platform.

Phonak New Wireless Communication Portfolio 2015

Robb Rathburn, AuD, introduces Phonak’s all new, wireless communication portfolio for 2015.

Animation replacing Wax Protection on Custom Products

Print Showcase

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