Nasim Seisan


The Better Hearing Center is personal for Nasim. She walked into our office 20 years ago as a patient with sudden hearing loss and received her first set of hearing aids. Six years later, she was encouraged and motivated by Dr. Suisun, a form Better Hearing Center clinician, to pursue a higher degree of education and become an Audiologist. In the summer of 2014, we had the pleasure of having Nasim work with us for four months during her internship for her doctorate degree. Now, as a new member of the Better Hearing Center team, Nasim sees the opportunity to give back the care she received. “As an Audiologist with a doctorate degree, and as a hearing-impaired person, I have developed a unique style of care for my patients, acknowledging what they face day by day. My only goal and hope is to serve patients with the best of care as a clinician.”