Beltone is a manufacturer of hearing aids that is owned by ReSound. Beltone has been making and selling hearing aids for over 50 years. Beltone offices are franchise offices and can only sell Beltone hearing aids

Hearing Planet

Hearing Planet is an internet company selling hearing aids directly to the consumer. Hearing Planet is basically doing mail order hearing aids, which may be considered illegal in many states and generally does not include personal service such as cleaning, adjustments, etc. Some manufacturers of hearing aids will not sell over the internet as they believe that the patient and audiologist should work together to find the best solution.

Miracle Ear

Miracle-Ear® is owned by Miracle-Ear, Inc., which is wholly owned by Amplifon(USA), Inc. They currently sell hearing aids made by one manufacturer and distributed under the Miracle Ear brand name. These offices are mainly owned by hearing aid dispensers and not audiologists.

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