Widex Overview

In 1995, Widex revolutionized the hearing care industry by releasing the world’s first commercially available digital hearing aid. Founded in Denmark in 1956, Widex now employs thousands of people around the world and has been recognized by the United Nations for harnessing green energy sources during production and taking steps to reduce environmental impact.

Widex Hearing Aids

Pure, undistorted, natural sound

No matter how advanced hearing aids become, it’s a challenge to create a natural hearing experience. Most hearing aids sound like hearing aids, but the Widex Moment delivers lightning-fast processing for a purer sound that makes you feel like your hearing has simply improved. There’s a reason over 90% of wearers are satisfied with the Moment’s sound quality.

  • Multiple models and styles to get the perfect fit
  • iOS and Android connectivity for streaming calls, video, and music
  • Water-resistant nano coating and durable build
  • Available in rechargeable

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The world’s first smart hearing aid

Ever evolving and improving, the Widex Evoke learns about your listening environment every time you turn it on. With cutting edge sound mapping and automatic adjustments, these devices use a built-in technology called Fluid Sound Analyzer to help you keep up with a busy lifestyle.

  • Highly personalized listening experience
  • Detailed preference refinement on the Evoke app
  • Available in an array of both natural and bright colors
  • Compatible with most Widex accessories

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Natural sound and a comfortable listening experience

Hearing aids are never a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why the Widex Unique comes in four different technology levels to fit every hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. With automatic sound identification and adjustment, wind noise reduction, and wireless streaming, you can be confident that your hearing aids are delivering world-class listening support.

  • Natural sound and comfortable wear
  • Continuous speech monitoring
  • Automatic optimization based on nine different sound classes

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Widex Accessories

To help make your life easier

Hearing aid accessories should be easy, intuitive, and compatible with your other devices. Along with a variety of apps to customize and control your hearing aids, Widex provides an array of tech options to ensure your hearing is supported in every way.

  • Telecoil connectivity through Widex Sound Assist
  • Stream television sound directly to your ears with TV Play
  • Switch between different streaming sources with COM-DEX
  • Wirelessly control hearing aids using RC-DEX

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